May 17, 2009

Well just for fun I have been playing with packages in the Jaunty .iso. It is very difficult to stay below 700MB for a standard CD. So again there are options. The first and the most likely is switching to Xfce for Sauces desktop. To be honest I am pretty fond of Xfce anyway. But it would allow me to make a smaller image. And we would still be in a Gtk environment.  The other alternative is to just provide DVD .isos with Gnome. Or maybe a CD version in Xfce and the DVD with gnome…..I will probably stick with Xfce for now, and then maybe we can work on Gnome or even KDE editions of Sauce.


May 17, 2009

Well need some more polling to be done for the editor to be installed by default. Be sure to let me know in the comment section if there is something else you may have in mind.

Use the Fork!

May 17, 2009

Well I was originally going to fork off of Ubuntu, but I think I will come directly off LinuxMint instead. This will save me time configuring all those little extras Clem and the boys seem so good at.

Then as of now, I will be adding Rush, Shoes, Ruby 1.8 and 1.9 including gems to the default install. Since the poll is leading towards Gnome I think I will stick with the idea I am using it. So then I will have to have a good editor. Poll to follow.


May 17, 2009

Sauce is going to need some help to get really going. I do not want financial donations but there are some things that are needed.

  1. A domain name registration
  2. Server space for site and forums
  3. Site development (preferably in rails due to the ruby focus)
  4. Artwork and a Logo
  5. And some storage space for .iso files, though these could be distributed by torrent also.

If anyone feels they can help with any of the above you can send me a message to tim at tdapple.com

Rush Shell

May 16, 2009

Rick_2047 from the Ruby Forum pointed out Rush to me. This will be a definate addition to Sauce. I think Bash will still be a default shell, since Rush would probably be a bit daunting to a non rubyist. Maybe I will make it a choice upon install to make it default.

I am having trouble being indecisive on a desktop choice. I like KDE apps and it does at least say it provides allot of bindings for Ruby. Gnome is nice, but I fear the future with Gnome 3, and Xfce is ok but does lack some bells and whistles. I need to choose on as a base though.  So here’s a poll


May 16, 2009

Well there are a few things that need to be decided and I will be taking opinions, so you may start seeing allot of polls.

Welcome to Sauce

May 16, 2009

Well by now you may be wondering ‘What in the hell is Sauce?’

Well for me Sauce is allot of things.

  1. It’s a learning tool
  2. A distro I can stick with…well hopefully
  3. Have all my Ruby goodness ready after install!
  4. Another reason for my wife to tell me to stay away from the damn computer!

So thats my vision. Now to get the ball rolling. This isn’t going to be out tomorrow, or next week, or maybe not even next year. But it will happen.